Luscious Little Layerings Gallery

These are the "Luscious Little Layerings" which have been donated to the  KwaZulu Natal Quilters' Guild Festival Committee and which will form part of the prizes on the tombola at the 2015  National Festival in Durban, South Africa. Funds generated by these Layerings will go towards defraying the costs of the Festival.

Glenda Kirkiridis

New Additions: August 2012

"Christmas Wreath" by Nicky Hunter-Smith
"Christmas Angel" by Nicky Hunter-Smith

"If Music be the Food of  Life - play on." by Joy Anne Juckes
"Creative Woman" by Joy Anne Juckes

"Mini Log Cabin" by Joy Anne Juckes
" Study in Grey" by Pauline Law
"Blue Moon" by Pauline Law

"Oranges & Lemons" by Pauline Law

"Study in Green" by Annette Lee
"Rectangles" by Annette Lee

"A Land of Beauty" by Saras Subban
"Forest Fire" by Annette Lee

"Straight from the Heart" by Sara Subban
"Celtic Circle" by Gail Leeuw

"Boomerang" by Rona Bode

"S.A. Golden Rowers" by Rona Bode

"Lion on the Loose" by Rona Bode

"Stars for South Africa" by Rona Bode

"Drunkard's Bluebird" by Rona Bode

"Amaz-ing Red" by Rona Bode

No Name
No Name

"Turn over a New Leaf" by Mary Chapman
" Let the Cat out of the Bag." by Lynda Estment

"Curiosity killed the Cat." by Kogie Naidu
"Shed Crocodile Tears" by Ronel Blignaut

" A Cock & Bull Story" by Doreen Hood
" A stitch in time saves nine." by No Name
" Green Fingers" by Estelle Graham
" Brown as a Berry" by Cynthia Rolando

" Tickled Pink" by Ann van Eck
"" Bear with a Sore Head" by Cynthia Rolando

" Practise makes perfect" by Mo Dilks
" Put a Sock in it" by Wendy MacLeod

" Like a Fish out of Water" by Avril Moore
" Green Fingers" by Cynthia Rolando

" Summer Flowers" By Mary Chapman
" It's raining Cats & Dogs" by Jilly Norris

" Bright is Beautiful" by Ronel Blignaut
" An Elephant never Forgets" by Jill Etchells

" Throw in the Towel" By Estelle Graham
" Not my Cup of Tea" by Wendy Roberts


  1. Wow! These are so exciting.
    Well done to all those who have made already.
    Mine are coming soon...

    1. I never thought there could be some many new ideas! they're gorgeous. Rose Scheepers

  2. So much talent. Impressive and exciting. Yay! - Gael

  3. Fantastic! So exciting and absolutely delightful to look at.